Morale building activities at Municipal state enterprise on the right of economic management "High Medical College" is aimed at implementation of comprehensive measures to form a personality with civic responsibility, moral human being, who striving to master the chosen profession, spiritual, physically healthy, socially active person.

Our college carries out its morale building activities guided by the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education", "On Languages", "On Protection of the Health of Citizens in the Republic of Kazakhstan", "On State Youth Policy", the annual Messages of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the people of Kazakhstan, "Kazakhstan-2030" strategy, Anti-drug programme and battle against drug business, State program on Patriotic education of the Republic of Kazakhstan's citizens.

In order to implement the main goals of morale building activities in college, we have developed the following documents: 

  • The concept of morale building activities,

  • College charter

  • internal code of student conduct

  • Provision on Student council for crime prevention.


The work of our staff is aimed at creating a multicultural personality, which includes various areas of character building:

  • patriotic education and civic responsibility;

  • spiritual and moral culture education;

  • formation of a new political and economic thinking, inculcation of a respectful attitude to national traditions, culture and history of Kazakhstan;

  • inculcation of aesthetic and intellectual culture, formation of psychological readiness for self-development, education, self-improvement;

  • inculcation of love for the chosen profession, mercy, humanism as the basis of national harmony.


The college staff pay great attention to patriotic education. In order to implement the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On State Symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, systematic work is being carried out to develop students' respect for National symbols.

in order to attract interest in learning national language, we hold events such as "Week of the languages of Kazakhstani people, reading contest, and academic competition. The college organized a dombra orchestra, student's choir, under the guidance of lecturers of the Kazakh National Conservatory.

In conclusion: an analysis of morale building activities of the college showed that personnel created a system of character building which promotes self-realization and self-expression of lecturers and students; on a permanent basis modern teaching methods are being introduced.

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